Benjamin Franklin Martin
Katheryn J., Lewis C., and Benjamin Price Professor

231C Himes Hall


Research Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Reading Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Europe (History 7923)
France Since 1770 (History 4022)
Europe in the Nineteenth Century (History 4016)
The World Since 1960 (History 2023)
Western Civilization II (History 1003)


Social and political issues in nineteenth- and twentieth-century France, especially 1870 to 1940.



University of North Carolina, Ph. D. (1974)
Davidson College, A. B. cum laude (1969)
The Episcopal High School in Virginia, Graduate (1965)

Awards and Honors:  

Phi Beta Kappa (1969)
Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fellow (1969)
John Motley Morehead Foundation Fellow (1969-74)
Georges Lurcy Foundation Fellow to France (1973-74)
Jewish Museum of New York: Consulting Scholar for The Dreyfus Affair: Art, Truth, and
Phi Beta Kappa: Ralph Waldo Emerson Award Committee (2000-02)
Phi Beta Kappa: Book Critic, The Key Reporter (2012--)
Encyclopedia Britannica: Advisor for Modern Europe (2000)
French Historical Studies: Board of Editors (1988-91)
Louisiana State University Press: Board of Editors (1994-97)
Roselyn Boneno Award for Excellence in Teaching (2006)
United States Department of State, Briefing before the Naval Command Center (Pentagon) (24 June 2000)

Notable Articles:

“Thinking Outside the Box About the Dreyfus Affair,” French Politics and Society 16 (Spring 1998): 52-58.
“Political Justice in France: The Dreyfus Affair and After,” The European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms 2 (August 1997): 809-26.
Briand à la barre: Aristide Briand and the Politics of Betrayal,” French Politics & Society 15 (Summer 1997): 57-64.
“The Dreyfus Affair and the Corruption of the French Legal System,” in The Dreyfus Affair: Art Truth, and Justice, edited by Norman L. Kleeblatt, pp. 37-49. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1987.
“Sex, Property, and Crime in the Third Republic: A Statistical Introduction,” Historical Reflections/Réflexions Historiques 11 (Fall 1984): 323-49.
“The Courts, the Magistrature, and Promotions in Third Republic France, 1871-1914,” American Historical Review 87 (October 1982): 977-1009.
“A Letter of Albert de Mun on the Papal Condemnation of the Sillon,” Catholic Historical Review 64 (January 1978): 47-50.
“The Creation of the Action Libérale Populaire: An Example of Party Formation in Third Republic France,” French Historical Studies 9 (Fall 1976): 660-89.



“Escape: Papillon,” produced by FilmRoos for The History Channel (air date 8 November 1999)

“In Search of History: The Infamous Dreyfus Affair,” produced by FilmRoos for The History Channel (air date 6 March 1998).

“Crimes in Time: The Stolen Smile,” produced by FilmRoos for The History Channel (air date 20 July 1997).


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