David F. Lindenfeld

223A Himes Hall

COURSES TAUGHT: History 1007: World History Since 1500; History 4026: Twentieth Century Germany; History 4113: European Intellectual History Since 1850; History 7923: Reading Seminar: The West and the World Since 1500
CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS:   Indigenous Responses to Christian Missionaries in the Nineteenth Century: A Comparative Study

  My Research Interests, Past and Present

INTERESTED IN DIRECTING THESES AND DISSERTATIONS ON:  Germany, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a preference for intellectual/cultural topics (though not limited to these); Comparative history of religion; European intellectual history.


B.A. Princeton University, 1965; M.A.T. Harvard University, 1966; Ph.D. University of Chicago, 1973

Awards and Honors:
Foreign Area Fellowship
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst: research fellowships (2)
IREX research fellowship
National Science Foundation: Research Grant in the History and Philosophy of Science

Notable Articles: 

"On Systems and Embodiments as Categories for Intellectual History,"  History and Theory 27 No. 1 (Feb. 1988)

"The Professionalization of Applied Economics: German Counterparts to Business Administration" in: Geoffrey Cocks, Konrad Jarausch, eds. German Professions, 1800-1950 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1990)

"Indigenous Encounters with Christian Missionaries in China and West Africa, 1800-1920: A Comparative Study," Journal of World History  16 (2005)

"The Varieties of Sioux Christianity, 1860-1980, in International Perspective,” Journal of Global History, 2007

About The Practical Imagination  


The Transformation of Positivism: Alexius Meinong and European Thought, 1880-1920 Berkeley: University of California Press, 1980

The Practical Imagination: The German Sciences of State in the Nineteenth Century Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1997

Germany at the Fin de Siècle: Society, Science, and Ideas (edited with Suzanne Marchand) LSU Press, 2004

Beyond Conversion and Syncretism: Indigenous Encounters with Missionary Christianity, 1800-2000 (ed. with Miles Richardson) Berghahn Books, October 2011.  Click for more information: Beyond Conversion and Syncretism