John B. Henderson
William R. and Letitia Bell Endowed Professor;

Coordinator of Asian Studies

250G Himes Hall

COURSES TAUGHT:   Premodern China; modern China; premodern Japan; modern Japan; East Asian civilization to 1800; East Asian civilization since 1800; religions of China and Japan; Honors seminar in ancient Western civilization; Honors seminar in medieval and Renaissance civilization; Honors seminar in comparative ancient civilizations
CURRENT RESEARCH INTERESTS:   History of Chinese astronomy
INTERESTED IN DIRECTING THESES AND DISSERTATIONS ON:   Chinese intellectual or cultural history


B.A. Duke University, 1970;  Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley, 1977

Awards and Honors:
Robert L. Amborski Distinguished Honors Professor Award, 1992
Roselyn Boneno Prize for Distinguished Teaching in the Department of History, 1995, 2000
Nicholson Award for A & S Student Government Outstanding Faculty Member, 1998

Notable Articles:  

"Ch'ing Scholars' Views of Western Astronomy," Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 46.1 (June 1986)

"Chinese Cosmographical Thought: The High Intellectual Tradition," in The History of Cartography, vol. 20: Cartography in Traditional East and Southeast Asian Societies, eds. J. B. Harley and David Woodward.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1994

"Divination and Confucian Exegesis," Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident: Cahiers de recherches comparatives 21 (1999)

"Neurobiology, Layered Texts, and Correlative Cosmologies: A Cross-Cultural Framework" (co-author). The Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities (Stockholm), Bulletin No. 72 (2000)

"Gudai Zhong'guo di ziran guannian yu yuzhou lun" (Cosmology and Concepts of Nature in Traditional China).  Chinese translation by Sun Bangjin of unpublished conference paper by John B. Henderson. Twenty-first Century (Hong Kong), no. 84 (August 2004)

About  The Construction of Orthodoxy and Heresy  


The Development and Decline of Chinese Cosmology. New York: Columbia University Press, 1984.
Korean translation by Professor Joong-yang Moon. Seoul: Somyong, 2000.

Scripture, Canon, and Commentary: A Comparison of Confucian and Western Exegesis. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1991.  Chinese translation by team at Institute of Chinese Philosophy, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan, forthcoming.

The Construction of Orthodoxy and Heresy: Neo-Confucian, Islamic, Jewish, and Early Christian Patterns. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1998.

Imagining Boundaries: Changing Confucian Doctrines, Texts, and Hermeneutics. Eds. Kai-wing Chow, On-cho Ng, and John B. Henderson. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1999.

Notions of Time in Chinese Historical Thinking. Eds. Chun-chieh Huang and John B. Henderson. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press, forthcoming.